What Is Microsoft .NET?

Enterprise applications consist of an entire set of business applications, designed to meet the growing needs of an enterprise. Microsoft .NET technology is widely used to build scalable and high-performance enterprise applications. Enterprise Application Development needs Bespoke approach as every enterprise has its own needs and a business process that needs to be fulfilled.

According to WhiteHat Security Website Stats Report 2014, .NET is the most widely used languages with 28.1 percent of the Web applications using .NET technology; Java on the second slot with 24.9% usage. The reason being .NET is scalable and has grown over time in terms of ready libraries and easy to use tools.

A large number of enterprises prefer .NET development platform due to its myriad benefits. Microsoft .NET technology will allow you to reduce your development time and assist you in developing high-quality, robust and reliable enterprise applications, helping you achieve your business goals. Let’s take a look at the key reasons for preference of .NET technology in developing enterprise applications. .NET is a general purpose development platform. It has several key features, such as multiple programming languages, asynchronous and concurrent programming models, and native interoperability which enable a wide range of scenarios across multiple platforms. You can build many types of apps with .NET, such as cloud, IoT and games. Your app can run on Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, and iOS. There are free tools that you can use to build apps or games. You can deploy them on servers or desktops or publish them to app stores. It's accessible to students.


Benefits of .NET

Improved ROI

.NET framework has proved to be a powerful and reliable engine particularly in production situations. It has been widely used to build thousands of applications for businesses of all sizes. It consists of many built-in checks and balances to ensure that the applications run hassle-free.


Through Visual Studio, building .NET applications is quite simple as it offers all the required tools and support for creating .NET applications in an easy way. Microsoft has made development easier and less complex for enterprises and the drag & drop tools are really helpful in creating your control’s user interface.

Cross Platform Support

.NET allows developers to build enterprise applications that can run on various devices like desktop, tablet or smart phone. It also helps developers to reuse some components to develop enterprise apps for different devices. This is extremely critical as many employees use their tablets or smartphones to carry out their work when they are traveling.


.NET applications are easy to maintain as it requires very less need for re-writing the code for adding new modules or to make the modification in the current system. This helps to reduce the time for the modification process. This is the most vital aspect as sometimes maintenance costs of an application are bigger than actual dot net application development cost.


Over the years .NET framework has proven that it is most powerful and reliable engine for developing apps for different types of industries. This development environment consists of many built-in checks and balances to ensure that the applications run hassle-free.

Best Resources

Today there are many qualified, trained and experienced .net developers available to help you to easily increase the functionality of your enterprise application whenever you want. This helps you to develop the best enterprise applications for your organization.

Cloud Support

Enterprises always want their business solutions to be flexible enough for the future growth. Microsoft Azure is the certainly a worthy option to consider if you are looking for flexible, futuristic business solutions. This is because Azure supports hybrid cloud solutions development for an organization and thus helps in expanding the business operations in the fastest way. Moreover, it makes easier for the organizations to get enterprise applications developed for both on-premises and cloud requirements.

Security Concerns

One of the other benefits offered by Microsoft .NET platform is its top-notch security features. It is a solid and effective development platform in terms of security, helping build extremely secure enterprise applications. It is very important for an enterprise to have an application that is fully secured, which might otherwise lead to hacking of critical business information and affecting enterprises in a big way.


NET applications allow enterprises to expand as per their growing needs. It can be an important concern for the enterprises if the existing applications don’t allow scaling up or accommodating growth whenever required. Microsoft .NET technology can support the additional load in case of growth. This eliminates the need for developing new applications or making the changes in the current applications, not competent to handle a large load.


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